Goji's Commitment to Quality

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Here at Goji Juicery & Kitchen, we believe that good food needs to be more than just energy. All food should be enjoyed as fresh and natural as possible. It’s how we maintain better health, sharper minded, and have high energy throughout our day.

We accomplish that by offering our guests fresh produce and a variety of handmade dishes, cold pressed juices and shots, salads and acai bowls and much more.

Our Free-Range Organic Chicken is the staple of our Grain Bowls & Salads. We only work with Distributors and Farmers that share our dream - Never Cutting Corners, Always looking for ways to be better, Enjoying Fresh Ingredients, and living a Sustainable lifestyle.

Our Cold Pressed Juices are 100% organic and each ingredient is sourced locally, to ensure each juice is as fresh as possible. Never Frozen fruits and vegetables mean real flavour, and never watered down. It may take a bit longer to get it right, but our way is always the right way.

Our Commitment to our community and living a sustainable lifestyle is more than our way of living, it embodies our every action. Our staff consists of 100% local employees that share our commitment to living a sustainable lifestyle as well.

We use ECO Bowls, Spoons, Lids, Straws & Forks to lessen the impact of our environmental footprint. We have also partnered with our local Disposal Companies for unique ways to reuse and recycle solutions to decrease waste and improve efficiency.

One thing is for sure, we stand by our word. A Healthy way of living is a clean way of living. And that is the path our team stands by.

Eat Fresh. Goji Fresh.

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